For Georgie – “My Inspiration for everything I do”

Always getting told that you don’t try anymore?

Or that you should try harder to impress your other half and prove your love and devotion?

Or do you have a partner who needs to try more?

Then this guide is just what you need.

This selection of quotes is written for the guy who hates reading,… unless it’s a sports magazine.

In simple terms we can guide you through some of life’s tricky milestones that you know you should remember and celebrate, …but just don’t know where to start.

Also included, are some spur of the moment gift ideas and pamper items that could get you out of a bind, and save you from certain death, when you know you’ve done something wrong, but just can’t work out what.

Now if you can just put the remote down for 2 minutes.

Read our selection of quotes for help with –

  • gift ideas
  • date nights
  • little love notes
  • a story that may inspire
  • ideas of things to make and do

What are you waiting for ??

Get reading !